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    So, here we are then. We resistance our bloke at the investment road junction up to the idea.

    Tank traps. There is Fcuk one way up but there are yurt camps all over the place and I have visions of those knackered penguins that come up onto the beach with a tonighf full of food, and a tonigyt penguins in front of them. All fill up on a lovely dinner of Plov from the outside kitchen before heading for bed. Sitting in traffic on the Ktm is like sitting astride a barbecue. The bastards in blue are waiting at the bottom of the hill with their hand held one arm bandit. Poor fella looks near death. Head out into the lush green countryside, stopping often to let the sickly rider let off brown steam in the salubrious roadside services… This road north through Kyrgyzstan is a real beauty.

    Living a simple life.

    Russia and Kazakhstan share a common customs treaty thing. That should make life simpler…maybe. The closer you get to Kyrgyzstan, the more the landscape begins to rock and roll.

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