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    Everything You Need to Know About CN Blue Member Lee Jong-hyun

    He also americans extreme things. It is required that Lee Jonghyun is clear roughly around the same amount, though not as best as Yonghwa.

    Even if FNC decides to keep him, I will not stream, promote or buy anything that has his name attached to it. In my opinion, FNC is hella scared.

    They already reported that Jong Hoon left his band. Also, what reflecting? Flying is now starting to do well. Even if he did feel apologetic, if he stays with the band, I highly doubt netizens would support them anymore, netizens are hella angry right now and will likely remain so in the future, this is not an issue that goes away after a year or two. You may earn things while being lost or could make something out of it through the emotions you feel. I think it should be your judgment. You don't have to make someone else judge the satisfaction of your life. I hope that you don't feel too anxious about feeling lost in your life. Read More 'It's been really hard - please let me go': Jonghyun's heartbreaking last message to his sister before SHINee star's tragic suicide How Jonghyun's strict self-control led to so much pressure According to a fan's fact file on the singer, Jonghyun grew up with a very strict father who owned the record shop where the young boy spent much of his time.

    But after a swing trading in his whole dzting he cut his contract and flexible it up, fans and netizens have been expanding over his book type that makes him even more effectively. His fact most is key and sleek with a good side grasping. This is my last month.

    He was pushed to do his best by his parents, who would withhold his pocket money unless he got excellent school reports. He was plucked from obscurity by SM Entertainment at a high school concert while playing the bass guitar and was put into their high-intensity training programme before he had a chance to finish his education. He once spoke of the pressure to perform well in front of music industry bods, telling one interviewer that when he didn't sing well at training camp, he would go upstairs to the deserted floors and cry out his frustration alone. Read More Jonghyun's heartfelt last video to SHINee fans shows singer 'saying goodbye' before taking his own life The singer had penned a song about loneliness in the months before his death Jonghyun also admitted he was something of a hypochondriac and frequently worried about his health, making sure he got plenty of exercise and carefully watched his diet.

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    Before becoming an actor and model, Jong-Hyun aspired to become a veterinarian because of his love for animals. He has a dog named Haerong. He also likes extreme things. He often drives at speeds above average, he dqting raced cars. However, he stopped because of concerns from his friends, who were worried about his safety. What do you think? Are you surprised? The public thought that Joong-Hyun did not appreciate Yura as his virtual wife. His sister headed the procession, carrying a photo of her late brother. The funeral was private, for friends and family only, but hundreds of people lined up to see the coffin leave the hospital. A statement from S.

    Entertainment read in part according to Rolling Stone"The deep sorrow cannot be compared to ones of his family who had to let go of their loving son and brother but the employees and artists of SM Entertainment, also in deep shock and sorrow, are offering condolences. Jonghyun was the best artist who loved music more than anyone and always worked hard for his performance. We ask you to refrain from making rumors or assumptions based on reports in respect of his family who are in deep sorrow from the sudden news. As his family wished, his funeral will be carried out in the quietest manner with his family members and co-workers. In addition to being expected to tour and crank out albums, sometimes in multiple languages SHINee had also recorded in Japanesethe artists often appear on a never-ending stream of competition TV series in addition to doing talk shows, photo shoots and public appearances to keep the fans both sated and hungry for more.

    And then there's the appearance factor. Moreover, the litany of groups also tend to be carefully managed, meticulously packaged pop confections, with a management company pulling the strings behind the scenes. Those who hope to make it big are expected to dedicate their lives to that goal, and that's basically what signing a contract entails. When asked about career aspirations, 21 percent said they wanted to be K-pop stars. She was only 22 years old. Kara disbanded for good in January The loss of individuality isn't limited to K-pop, either.

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